We understand that you may not know where to turn for help

When you are facing mounting debt and long-term financial obligations that you cannot meet, our compassionate and experienced team will work with you and your family to put an end to constant collections calls and letters, and help you through this frustrating and confusing time.
If you are facing the unbearable weight of uncontrollable debt or an abusive creditor, our team at Gonzalez & Associates can help you re-establish yourself financially through debt negotiation or bankruptcy options that may be available to you.

Debt Negotiation.

During the debt negotiation process our experienced professionals work with you to make a plan to move past your financial obstacles by negotiating your current debt on your behalf and arranging a repayment plan that suits your current financial standing.


Bankruptcy is a court proceeding where you tell a judge that you cannot pay your debts. Although bankruptcy is not an easy fix for out of control debt, it can be a viable option to relieve the unbearable weight of uncontrollable and increasing debt.
While bankruptcy can stop foreclosure of your home and garnishment of your wages, it may not cancel all your debts. If you are dealing with mortgages, personal loans, car payments, and credit card debt (or others that may qualify), the following two personal bankruptcy options may offer you the relief that you need:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows a person to completely eliminate most unsecured debts, including debts such as credit cards and medical bills. In most cases, people filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not be required to pay anything to their unsecured creditors. Because there are certain requirements that must be met before approval will be granted, it is important that an experienced legal professional help with your application. Don’t let your uncertainty about bankruptcy procedures stop you from taking advantage of such a helpful process. Our team is here to help simplify this process.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves the consolidation of outstanding debts into a single manageable repayment plan.
Under Chapter 13, an individual will pay back a portion, or in some cases all, of the debt owed over a three- to five-year period.The rate will usually be significantly reduced depending on the amount currently being paid. Our team will work with you to address your unique needs and review the various factors that determine which chapter is right for you. An initial consultation with us will provide you with insight as to which chapter is available to you and why.