What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law encompasses a wide swath of categories. They all focus on laws, regulations, and rules that set and enforce policies about who is allowed to come into the United States and how long they can be here. Though immigration and naturalization laws are separate, they are often intertwined. Immigration laws affect who can come and go.

Our attorneys understand the stress, anxiety, and worry that come sometimes accompany a person as they pursue their own path to immigration and potentially citizenship.

With nearly 14 percent of the U.S. population being immigrants, these laws can dramatically affect the lives of millions of people. In recent years, immigration policy has changed dramatically. At The Law Office of Gonzalez & Associates we understand that these changes can be scary.

It may be intimidating for a person to consider immigrating to the U.S. as well as people that are already here and worried about potential deportations of themselves or someone close to them. This is why we offer a full suite of immigration law services to our clients.